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Passion. Innovation. Joy.

About the Vancouver Dance Lab


Beats and Feats

Welcome to Vancouver's freshest Rhythm-Hub!

Rhythm sits deep within us all and at the Vancouver Dance Lab we aim to inspire every person to find their inner beat and learn how to share it with the world! Our unique blend of Irish Dance, Tap dance & Body Percussion offers opportunities for exploration for students of all ages and levels.

Coupled with strong foundations in movement and dance, our percussive dance classes are fun, vital, modern and pleasantly exhausting. We dance to music of all genres with just one caveat - passionate, joyful and with style!

VDL welcomes adult, children and teen dancers to join us at our supportive, inclusive Laneway-Studio. It is our motto that inside every person, is a dancer. Our knowledgeable, experienced instructors are there to help each individual student achieve their personal best. From those who have never stepped inside a studio, to advanced students looking for new ideas and new drive, Vancouver Dance Lab has a program for all.

So, focus on your heartbeat and get ready to stomp, strike and glide your way to a new passion!

Founder & Director

Addington Headshot Resume big.jpg

Adelynne Addington

The driving force behind the Dance Lab, Adelynne has trained, performed and taught percussive dance for over 20 years. Her athletic and dynamic percussive dance style is deeply rooted in her traditional Irish dance training. Add in the creativity and freedom developed throughout her Tap dance career and it becomes unlimited in its expression!

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The Laneway Studio

Nestled in the charming community of Strathcona, the Laneway Studio is just around the corner from Strathcona Community Centre and MacLean Park. Learn More

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