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Ballroom Dancing Lessons


Meet new friends, get exercise and indulge your love of Latin music.

Salsa dance embodies the joy and passion of Latin culture. With basic steps and patterns to use as dance vocabulary, students learn the skills to social dance with any partner, at any event. At Vancouver Dance Lab, students learn the basics of L.A. style including the fundamentals of leading and/or following, solo shine sequences, and musicality. Develop your own personal style with our instructor’s guidance and increase your confidence in social dancing to all types of music. With the basics of salsa under your belt, expand your Latin dance repertoire to Bachata, Merengue and more.



Dance your best, feel your best with Conditioning classes at The Vancouver Dance Lab.

Behind every great dancer is a great conditioning program. Vancouver Dance Lab conditioning classes are designed to produce and maintain a strong dancer physique. Also beneficial for those who do not yet dance or are just beginning, conditioning classes prevent injury, promote mobility and flexibility and build long, lean muscles to support your body’s needs. The Dance Lab’s classes draw from classical ilates, ballet, floor barre and other dance related regimens. 


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