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Adelynne Addington

Artistic Director

Adelynne Addington is an innovative Vancouver dance artist working with Body Percussion, Tap and Irish dance. Her athletic, dynamic, yet musical percussive dance style is deeply rooted in her traditional Irish dance training. Add in the creativity and freedom developed through Tap dance and it becomes unlimited in its expression!

Adelynne began dancing at 14, when she walked into a local studio and said she wanted to take dance class. The woman behind the desk looked up, said "You have red hair, you should take Irish!" and, next thing you know, Adelynne's path was laid. From an off-hand comment, an enduring, steadfast passion was born, a passion that has led Adelynne to teaching and performing across Canada, Ireland and the U.S.


Adelynne continues to maintain a rigorous performing & training schedule with her dance company – Trading Taps. Performing locally and virtually, Trading Taps is constantly pushing boundaries in percussive dance, exploring new avenues to convey rhythm to audiences.


Adelynne has trained in Irish Dance for over 20 years, taking class with Kristin O'Reilly, Richard Tiewe, Scoil Rince De Danaan, the University of Limerick’s Irish World Academy of Dance Intensives in Limerick, Ireland and an Internship at the Irish Dance Festival in Carlingford, Ireland.

Teaching credits include over 15 years experience teaching ages 5 and up in Irish dance, Tap Dance, Salsa and Pilates. Recent studios she has taught at include The Rhythm Room, The Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, Dancin’ Stars Academy, (Vancouver), The Tap Dance Centre, Candance Academy, YouCanDance Studios (Toronto), The University of Limerick, The Irish Dance Festival (Ireland), Tiewe School of Irish Dance, SugarCreek Irish Dance Studios, SugarLand School Board (Texas) and more.

Performing credits include Solo and Company roles in De Danaan Irish Dancers, The World Dance Company and Off the Cuff Dance Company at venues across Western Canada, the Southern States and Ireland.

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