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The Vancouver Dance Lab's mission is to entertain, innovate and share. Take a look below at some of our Dance Companies and Projects. If you have an idea for us, or would like to collaborate on new projects, please reach out. We would be delighted to hear more!

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Trading Taps is an innovative, independent Percussive Dance Company located in Vancouver, B.C. With routines spanning from traditional Irish Dance to wildly creative percussion/dance fusion, Trading Taps can light up any stage or event. Customized programmes range from school shows, St. Patrick's Day events, stage productions, corporate parties, outdoor street performances, audience participation, video projects and more.

Click HERE for upcoming Trading Taps events

Christmas In.....

***UPDATE** - Christmas is going ahead! Christmas in Killarney filming is planned for September 22, 2022 and will be ready for release this winter.

The Dance Lab loves Christmas!! What else is worth suffering through winter for?

Our newest choreography, Christmas in Killarney was set to be released as a Video Project for Christmas of 2021. Choreography was created and dancers were rehearsing when Omicron, the latest iteration of the covid-19 pandemic, caused restrictions and shutdowns in Canada. Therefore, our dancers had to take a break and were unable to perform and film this project. We are now hoping that Christmas in Killarney becomes Christmas in April if current restrictions ease in the New Year. Details will be updated as information develops....

Christmas in Killarney_edited.jpg

Percussion Collab - Reboot Grant

In August of 2021 Adelynne received a Re-Boot grant through local dance power-house The Scotiabank Dance Centre. Through this grant Adelynne was able to collaborate with local percussion professional David DiTomaso, exploring counter-rhythms between a cajon player and a percussive dancer, Adelynne and David explored irish, latin and pop rhythms, developing new combinations of beats throughout several collaborative sessions over the course of a month.

Cherry Blossom Acapella - Video Project

We absolutely had to take advantage of the Cherry blossom extravaganza in the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC in April of 2021. Trading Taps Dance Company filmed one of their core choreographies "Acapella" on a blustery yet sunny April day.

Skellig - Video Project

Just in time for St. Patrick's Day! Amongst moving into our new studio and constructing our sprung floor, we managed to dust off a routine first choreographed by Adelynne in 2020 and film this Video Project for release on St. Paddy's of 2021. Credit to the gracious Chloe Duval for catching the gimbal shots.

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